Our converting  possibilities

In our factory in Stapelfeld near Hamburg, we manufacture individual sizes and lengths, according to your specifications.

In combination with our high-bay warehouse, we are able to satisfy your specific requirements – even overnight.

Read more about our technical capabilites of our facility.


Converting bei FFT


  • Foam adhesive tapes, single and double-sided adhesive tapes

  • short windings of protective films

  • as 3mm to 1600mm

  • accurate to the millimetre

  • according to the customers’ request


  • Protective films in large formats

  • exact dimensions

  • as 10mm to 2580mm

  • maximum outside diameter of 500mm

  • according to your requirements


  • Adhesive tapes and protective films

  • adjusting the yardage to your process

  • Width to 1600mm


  • precisely adapted stamping forms for your application

  • from simple glue dot to complex geometry

  • Flat bed 1000mm x 600mm

  • Rotary die cutter max 200mm

  • Sheet cutter


  • Laser cutting

  • Cutting plotter

  • Cutting area as 800mm x 1200mm

  • Small-series and pattern

  • excellent precision

  • flexibility in geometry and contours choice


  • Protective films on Liner – ideal for further processing

  • adapted to your process guards

  • specially tailored to your application and material combinations

  • individual material thicknesses, adhesion values and much more