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Contra Abrasives & Tapes is a member of the FFT Group that is a distributor and converter of technical surface protection films, adhesive tapes and die-cut parts. We have a solid customer base and place great emphasis on comprehensive consulting and the use of the latest technologies. At three locations in Germany, the FFT Group uses state-of-the-art machinery to produce a wide variety of materials, such as single- or double-sided adhesive tapes, self-adhesive foams and films in various designs according to customer requirements.
Contra Abrasives & Tapes, based in Copenhagen, Denmark, Sweden and Norway, can advise you on the individual manufacture of adhesive tapes and protective films – tailored precisely to your application.
We would be happy to arrange an appointment with you on site or via video conference.

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Another area are the carbide abrasives based on tungsten carbide.
With the products of Contra-Abrasives you can grind, smooth and abrade – wherever a certain material removal is desired, especially on soft and difficult substrates and materials such as hard and soft wood, concrete, composites, where stubborn residues of tile and flooring adhesives, latex paints and other coatings, epoxy resin, plaster, mortar, fillers, etc. are to be removed. Applicable areas can be found in the tile and flooring industry, in the automotive, aerospace, offshore and marine, wind turbine, boat and yacht building and many more.

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