Adhesive tapes

The application for adhesive tapes is varied and present in almost all industrial sectors.

An important aspect for the application of adhesive tapes is choosing the right system of adhesion as well as their physical properties whilst considering the specific requirements.

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FFT Converting

Single-sided adhesive tapes

FFT Einseitiges Klebeband

Packing, marking, covering, splicing – single-sided adhesive tapes are used in a wide variety of applications. They consist of a carrier, which is coated on one side with adhesive mass.

Various materials like plastic or metal foil, paper or cloth, can be used as a carrier. With acrylic, rubber and silicone adhesives and their modifications, there are additional types of adhesives, with different properties available. Thus, specific technichal requirements can be met, depending on the carrier material and adhesive modification.

Whether high-strength, hand-tearable, heat-resistant or easily removable products – the variety of products is large, ranging from simple packaging tapes to chemical-resistant masking tapes.

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Double-sided adhesive tape

FFT Doppelseitiges Klebeband

Connecting, mounting, splicing – double-sided adhesive tapes have a wide variety of applications. They consist of – except for transfer adhesive tapes without a carrier – a carrier, which is double-sided, coated with adhesive mass.

The technical performance and suitability of the adhesive tapes are determined by the combination of carrier material and adhesive. Various materials like plastic, paper or cloth, can be used as a carrier. The double-sided adhesive coating can consist of acrylic, rubber or silicone adhesive and their modification. There are also adhesive tapes with different adhesive masses for every side available.

Transfer adhesive tapes, without a carrier, solely consist of – in contrast to conventional double-sided adhesive tapes – adhesive mass. They are therefore particularly thin and flexible.

This product group offers a wide variety of solutions for special applications. For example, water-soluble adhesive tapes are tailored to the needs of the paper industry and residue-free removable adhesive tapes are used for stand construction.

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High-performance adhesive tapes


FFT Hochleistungs-Klebeband

Screwing, rivetting, clipsing, spot welding – high-performance adhesive tapes offer alternatives to mechanical fastening systems and liquid adhesives.

Because of their viscoelastic properties, high-performance adhesive tapes offer the opportunity to replace mechanical connections under certain conditions – safe, reliable and efficient.

Stresses and forces, which are caused by different thermal expansions, can be absorbed by expansion due to their special conception of viscoelastic adhesive.

High-performance adhesive tapes are suitable for durable, stress-free bonding of different materials due to their very high internal resistance.

We’d be more than happy to advise you during your selection process. We will find a suitable solution for your application – for example a 3M VHB-adhesive tape, a product of the Nitto Hyperjoint-series or another suitable product for your application.

PVC electric insulating tapes

FFT PVC Klebeband

Electric insulating tapes with PVC-carrier are suitable for all electronical applications as well as for bundling, sealing or marking because of their particular suitabiliy.

Scapa, Europe’s largest manufacturer of PVC insulating-tapes, offers a wide range of products.

Furthermore, we also offer premium-qualities of Nitto like PVC 228 and PVC 201X with VDE-certification as well as flame retardation and also as PVC 21 and PVC 201 as universal-insulating tape in different colours available.

Foam tapes

Dicht-, Fugen- und Klebebänder

Foam adhesive tapes are thicker and softer than adhesive tapes without foam. They adapt well to rough and uneven surfaces, allow a tolerance compensation and even act as seals. Single- or double-sided – we’ll find the suitable product for your application!

Single-sided foam adhesive tapes are suitable for watertight, airtight, dust- and draught-tight sealing, as well as for cushioning, protecting and vibration damping. PVC foams from the British company Scapa are also suited for external use, because of their UV resistance, weather resistance and acrylic adhesive. They are available in various Shore-hardness’s, some provide characteristics like neoprene and are as a variant with a fixed PE-Liner clean to reopen. Scapa PE-foam products are most suitable for indoor used watertight and airtight seals without UV exposure. As the PVC qualities, the PE variants are as well available in various thicknesses.

Single-sided EPDM-foam adhesive tapes

Nitto EPDM foam adhesive tapes are in various densities and cell-closed/ -semi-closed variants available. In addition, we offer various types of adhesives to adapt the product perfectly to the application surface. Nitto EPDM foams are high-quality, watertight and temperature resistant seals, applicable for excellent noise and vibration damping and has been well established in many applications in the automotive industry.

Pre-compressed sealing tape

Pre-compressed sealing tapes with BG1 standard, to seal joints and connections off driving rain, are available in grey and black. PU foam is impregnated, UV and weather resistant, resistant up to 600 Pa driving rain and therefore suitable for highly stressed primary and cross – joints.
The foam expands thus the pre-compression after installation, adapts to uneven surfaces and ensures clean final seals. Thereby are pre-compressed sealing tapes universally used for window-, metal-, wood- and container construction.

Double-sided foam adhesive tapes consist of a foam carrier, which is coated on both sides with adhesive.

You can choose between PE-, PVC-, PU or PE/EVA-foam as carrier material, which determine in combination with acrylic or rubber and their modifications the technical characteristics and performance of the foam tape.

Depending on the combination of carrier foam and adhesive, the products are suitable for various applications like fixation, mounting, connecting or padding.

Due to their thicker foam carrier, compared to common double-sided adhesive tapes, rough or uneven surface structures and gap tolerances can be better compensated. Simultaneously, the foam adhesive tape seals and damps vibrations. PE foam adhesive tapes are in the field of bonding mirrors due to their high adhesion established, while the UV and weather resistant variants with acrylic adhesive are used for outdoor applications.

The application possibilities for double-sided foam adhesive tapes are extended because of the new tesa products with PE/ EVA foam carrier. Applications, where the reduced stress of the conventional double-sided foam tapes required special tapes, can now be partially solved by these tesafix products.

Special adhesive tapes

FFT Spezialklebeband

Seperable joints, self-adhesive elastic buffers, anti-slip or glide and non-stick adhesive tapes – FFT offers a wide range of products.

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